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Reports and Statistics

Wilkes County, NC, North Carolina, and National Reports and Statistics regarding Farmland.

2023 Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund Annual Legislative Report

"Why it’s so important to preserve our local farms and forests:


  • Agriculture and agribusiness are NC's top industry, accounting for one-sixth of the state's economy and employees.

  • Agriculture and agribusiness account for almost 16 percent, or $103.2 billion, of our $662 billion gross state product.

  • Working lands provide fresh, local foods to NC residents and quality products to the agriculture, forestry, and fiber industries.

  • Working lands provide scenic rural landscapes for tourism.

  • Farms and forests are critical in providing a healthy environment.

  • Farmers actively manage working lands, providing essential benefits like erosion control, carbon sequestration, and waterway buffers.

  • Cost of community services studies in the state show that agricultural lands use fewer tax dollars than are collected.

  • Working lands are a net provider of local tax dollars."

Richard C. Reich, PhD

Field Specialist, ADFP

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