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Wilkes Voluntary & Enhanced Voluntary Agricultural Districts

Our Purpose

To provide Wilkes County landowners with voluntary programs to encourage and promote the preservation and protection of farmland from non-farm development. This is in recognition of the importance of agriculture to the economic and social life of Wilkes County.

Agriculture and related business in NC are worth more than $92.9 billion annually, making it NC’s #1 industry. In Wilkes County agriculture accounted for  $335,124,000 in gross sales annually in 2017. Wilkes County’s farms produce a diverse range of agricultural products. These products are not limited to timber, poultry, cattle, hay, corn, soybeans, vegetables, tobacco, hemp, apples, blueberries, and pumpkins. Wilkes is ranked 7th overall in market value of agricultural products sold in NC and 213th in the US.


In recent years, NC has led the nation in the loss of farms. Wilkes County is following this nationwide trend in farm loss. This trend threatens to impact our agricultural heritage in many ways, from the loss of farm-related income to reduced availability of fresh food, wildlife habitat, and much more.


Casey Joe Johnson

Wilkes County Comissioner
WCS Elementary Teacher

When the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners was approached about the EVAD, our board was proud to support our farmers and those in agribusiness. During my 2-years as a commissioner, I have learned so much from our staff at the Soil and Water Conservation District and Cooperative Extension. They come and present regularly at our meetings and share about the great happenings in Wilkes County. The VAD and EVAD offers many great opportunities for Wilkes County. I look forward to the continued success of agriculture in Wilkes County for years to come. 


Claude Shew, Jr.

Shew Farm

Wilkes Ag. Advisory Board Chair
Wilkes SWCD Board of Supervisors

The VAD and EVAD programs are to help ensure a way to leave today's agricultural legacy for our future generations tomorrow.

Jeremiah Greene

NC Forest Service
Wilkes Asst. County Ranger

I feel with loss of farmland and forests in today's society the VAD and EVAD program is a great conservation tool that can protect a way of life that many of us cherish!


Toby Lee Speaks

Speaks Farms
Wilkes Ag. Advisory Board Vice-Chair and Region 1 Rep.

The VAD and EVAD protects our farmland, natural resources, and way of life for today and tomorrow's generations.

Our Program Supporters

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